BB pricing: How & why we come to our pricing

BB pricing: How & why we come to our pricing

BB pricing: How & why we come to our pricing

How does Botanica Bird come to price their signature BB Bunches?

Oh, we’re so glad you asked!

It’s a great question and it’s important for us to know what we’re paying for. At Botanica Bird, it’s no secret that we are huge fans of environmental and social sustainability.

We make sure that our business leaves a minimal environmental footprint and advocates for fair conditions for our colleagues along the floristry supply chain.

This blog will give you the full breakdown of our BB Bunches, the same ones that are delivered to your doorsteps every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

 Botanica Bird | Newcastle Florist

Environmental sustainability 

Sustainability is at the heart of our practice as we take responsibility for our environmental impact and ethical choices. When you order a BB Bunch, you’re also supporting our ethos of environmental kindness, and this decision can come at a price.

Botanica Bird Newcastle NSW Florist | Australian Grown Flowers | Jonima Flowers

Australian grown flowers

We choose to celebrate the flowers grown in our own soil.

This means our blooms are sourced from the Sydney Flower Markets direct from Australian flower farmers. Some of our local NSW growers include:

It’s rumoured that 70% of the flowers at the Sydney Flower Markets are imported from Africa, South America and Indonesia to name a few.

Getting those flowers to your doorstep from other countries increases our environmental footprint exponentially. Especially when you consider the high carbon footprint in transportation and the amount of chemicals used during their two phases of quarantine.

 Botanica Bird | Newcastle Flower Delivery

Flower Delivery Wrapping

All of our delivery packaging is 100% compostable! Our bunches are:

Botanica Bird | Compostable Wrapping

Zero Waste

Zero. Nada. Zilch. None!

Our zero waste policy starts with purchasing seasonal flowers from our trusty local flower farmers and these blooms are as breathtaking as they are kind.

Additionally, our BB style is en masse. So, when we’re placing our orders every week, we’re as precise as possible. We do this to minimise waste and give you the best bunch of flowers delivered for any occasion.

Botanica Bird Photography by Shan Rose Photography

 Social Sustainability

Social sustainability is a proactive way of recognising the significance of relationships with the people and communities connected to a business.

For Botanica Bird, this translates to:

  • Fair wages for BB employees and recognition for their floristry skills and knowledge, and

  • Supporting businesses, including farmers, who also invest in socially sustainable practices.

Every person along the supply chain that contributes to our BB Bunches deserves a fair and safe working environment.

Through our socially sustainable approach to business, we’re ensuring our customers that their buying decisions are ethical and supporting local businesses who are doing great work within our community.


Botanica Bird | Newcastle Florist

The impact of COVID-19 across the industry

Where do we even start? The pandemic has affected the industry so many ways and it’s economy has bared the brunt of it.

In 2020, when the pandemic first hit, prices increased by 30% due high demand of local flowers brought on by the closures of international boarders stopping imported flowers from entering the country.

The flower farmers are struggling

Prices went up again in 2021 to cover grower’s loss of crop and income. An unimaginable amount of flowers have gone to waste as all events were repeatedly cancelled across the country.

These farmers have watched their crops die, and their incomes along with it, because they can't get enough workers in to harvest the flowers, or their orders for regular events like weddings, funerals and corporate functions were suddenly abandoned.

Botanica Bird | Newcastle Florist

Bushfires & floods

After the 2019 black summer bushfires thousands of hectares of flower farming land was destroyed and more land was swamped by Australia’s recent floods.

It takes time and money for these farmers to rebuild their resources and return trading at full capacity again. We want to be there for our growers during all of these difficult times and be supportive in any way we can.

Botanica Bird | Newcastle Florist

Additional inclusions

We can’t forget to mention that delivery costs and GST are also included in the prices of our BB Bunches, so there are NO surprises at checkout!

Botanica Bird | Newcastle Florist

Thank you for supporting Botanica Bird!

We understand that you may be paying a little extra for Botanica Bird’s signature bunches, and now you know exactly why – You’re choosing to purchase and support a sustainable business and product.

We love working alongside the local people and businesses that we do, and we’re in lockstep with them in providing environmentally and socially sustainable services that we’re proud of!

Hand on heart, we want to thank you for supporting our small business. And we want you to know that every dollar you spend on a BB Bunch supports our core values of sustainability, local and community.

If you’d like to talk more about our pricing structure, get in touch with us on 0421 071 335.