Botanica Bird Newcastle Florist NSW

It might come as a shock to you, but not all flowers are sustainable.

We believe being a sustainable florist means leaving the smallest environmental footprint. We take responsibility for our environmental impact, strive to make more ethical choices consider sustainability at the heart of our practice.

What makes our floristry practice "sustainable?"


Australian grown flowers

We value the blood, sweat and tears of our Australian Cut Flower Farmers. Nothing beats our 5am starts at the Sydney Flower Market checking in with our favourite local growers, looking at what goods they have bought in for us and seeing their passion when they talk to us about how they have grown a flower, why they love it and everything in between. 

It's rumoured that 70% of Sydney Flower Market flowers are imported from Africa, South America, Holland and Indonesia to name a few. To get these imported flowers in Australia means high carbon emissions in transport and a large chemical footprint as they go through two phases of quarantine. 

Here at Botanica Bird we choose to celebrate the flowers grown in our own soil. 

We are proud members of Flower Industry Australia and support Country of Origin Labelling to create transparency in the Cut Flower Industry. 


Seasonal Flowers

Supporting Australian Cut Flower Farmers corresponds with embracing the beauty each season brings. Here at Botanica Bird we create with the seasons and design for the climate. We work with nature and not against it. 


Flower Delivery Wrapping

Botanica Bird flower delivery wrapping is 100% compostable. Our flower bunches are wrapped in kraft paper, bound with Australian Cotton cord, wet wrapped in Better Packaging Co compostable sleeves and with compostable stickers.


Lifecycle of flowers 

The lifecycle of a flower varies from bloom to boom. Here at Botanica Bird we incorporate dried flowers, foliages and grasses in our designs so we can re-use as much as possible and as a result reduce our carbon footprint. After our events and weddings we keep unwanted blooms to dry and repurpose for future events and arrangements. 


No chemically enhanced flowers

As of July 2020, Botanica Bird no longer uses chemically preserved, dyed and/or spray painted flowers/foliages. We took this action so we could be respectful to the environment and enhance its protection as well as being true to our aesthetic and values which celebrate nature and values the environment.

For more information about "The Preserved Flower Trend" flooding our Australian Flower Market and socials, please read Australian sustainable florist, Rita Feldmann's blog.  Rita explains where they are coming from, how they are being created and how they are causing harm.


No to noxious Weeds

Noxious weeds are invasive plants that cause harm to ecosystems, natural habitats and horticultural crops. For this reason, at Botanica Bird we do not promote the use of noxious weeds in any of our floral designs. Our aim is to enhance and protect our environment not to encourage invasive and noxious species. 


No to Floral Foam

Botanica Bird says a BIG FAT NO to floral foam. Floral foam is a synthetic non-biodegradable single use plastic/micro-plastic. The microplastic foam, after it has been used once, ends up in either landfill, our waterways, inside animals and inside ourselves. We removed floral foam from our floristry practice in June 2018 after head florist, Rachael was concerned about her sister being near the foam when she was pregnant. Rachael's sister simply replied "Why are you worried about me, and not you?". It was the spark that was needed to create a change in Botanica Birds approach completely.

Instead of floral foam, Botanica Bird utilises chicken wire, re-useable water vials and buckets to create designs. 


Reclaimed materials

It's no lie, at Botanica Bird we love a good marketplace, opshop, garage sale and/or auction find.  We are always on the hunt for vintage vases, floral structures, votives and vessels to help create a waste free living. Finding inspiration in the old is our speciality.   


Recycle Plastic 

At the Sydney Flower Market, many flowers are bundled with plastic, including Australian grown flowers. Botanica Bird makes a conscious effort to avoid buying flowers wrapped in plastic and we ask our growers to avoid plastic on flowers we pre-order. Where we come across plastic, we always take it to a nearby recycling depot.


There are many paths to bring sustainability in the Cut Flower Industry. Here at Botanica Bird we are always seeking, learning and striving to be better. We are so grateful to be able to receive and share knowledge from and with some of Australia's best leading sustainable florists.