Botanica Bird Newcastle NSW florist

Naturally at Botanica Bird we are givers and it is important to us that we are actively involved within our community and give back to our community. We enjoying putting in time, energy and ideas such as our Guerrilla Floral Art as an investment towards the goal of helping our community thrive.

How we are involved within our community  

Newcastle Community

Here at Botanica Bird we are always creating, connecting, networking, educating and collaborating with our customers, clients and other like minded businesses around Newcastle. We thrive on enhancing persons/businesses experience of Newcastle when they get out and about either by establishing relationships or by dropping Guerrilla Flora Art around Newcastle like our #bbheartsnewy installation and our #bbirdflowerscavengerhunt.


Community of Competition 

When we connect with people and have a shared sense of responsibility and common goals we can thrive together. Here at Botanica Bird we value sharing our knowledge and expertise with other florists and/or other small business owners. We wouldn't be where we are today without the support of other businesses. 



Another way to give back to our community, Botanica Bird helps to raise monies for either local, Newcastle non-for-profit charities and/or national non-for-profit charities. We make a monthly donation to Newcastle Dog Rescue and in the past have raised monies for Got Your Back Sista, Cancer Council, Dress for Success Newcastle.