Two Squirrels


Colour, shadows, tulips and fruit. This photographic print, called Two Squirrels, is a collaboration between Botanica Bird and Newcastle Photographer, Shan Rose from Get Rosy Photography.

This piece is one half of a series that was created during COVID-19 lockdown. Using the tulip as a muse, Botanica Bird and Get Rosy explored the home and used elements of their everyday lives to create a stylised shoot.

The placement of fruit in the image was a reflection of home life, using what they could access from home, they played with the shapes and the different stages of aging fruit. The peeled and elegantly draped orange added texture and perspective to the image while the tulips and the shadows they cast added depth. 

This photographic print got its name from the vase made by a Newcastle ceramicist, Two Squirrels. The natural and earthy tones of the vase complement the image’s colour pallet and the vintage throw it stands on.

The pink and yellow colour combinations are a playful way to express the warm and inviting connotations the colours represent. Pink and yellow are also very close on the colour wheel, meaning that these colours clash. When putting these colour choices into context of ‘home life’ during the pandemic, the viewer is both challenged and comforted.

By working with the light cascading into Botanica Bird’s home studio, Get Rosy was able to explore her photography talents, allowing the rippling and overlapping shadows to fill the frame and tell its unique story. The shadowing effects distorts the purity of the backdrop, allowing room for the viewer to insert their own pandemic chapter.

As you slide through the carousel of images, you can see how this still life print can add movement to a space. It adds texture and depth to a simplistic interior design or direction and focus to a busier room layout.

Canvas Print in a Raw Oak Frame
120 x 80cm
Print on order
Limited edition of 4 prints.
Allow 2-4 week for shipping