The Rebel

Flower Varieties

The Rebel

She’s always on the go, coffee in hand and kids in tow. The colour combinations of red, blue and yellow flowers reflect her expressive style and energy for life. The white and black blooms intertwined within these primary colours, completes the colour spectrum, and interprets her loving and vibrant take on motherhood.

Or is your Mum more, The Dreamer? The Nurturer?

Delivered wrapped in grey kraft paper, bound with raffia paper and wet wrapped in a compostable sleeve


Deliver in Newcastle ceramicist, BRB Ceramics handmade terracotta custom Botanica Bird vase with a clear glazed interior to make it water tight with custom made Babe of Mine Mother's Day card.

Flower Varieties  BRB Ceramic Vase Dimensions
2 10 x 10 cm
3 10 x 10 cm
4 12 x 12 cm
5 15 x 15 cm

NOTE: Flower varieties will change depending on seasons and availability with local growers. Due to the perishable nature of flowers, the lifespan varies from bloom to bloom. The flowers pictured are for reference only.

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