The Muse


The Muse, a single pink tulip staring at a blank backdrop, its shadow staring back.

This photographic print is a collaboration between Botanica Bird and Newcastle Photographer, Shan Rose from Get Rosy Photography. The Muse is one half of this photographic series that was created during the height of the COVID-19 lockdown in 2020.

The tulip holds romantic undertones for Botanica Bird and Get Rosy as it was the flower that inspired them during their lockdown period and was also the most available bloom for deliveries in Newcastle.

This image, an isolated lit up single bloom, dancing with its shadow, spoke of juxtaposing emotions of hope and uncertainty. Reminding us of the isolating circumstance we all endured, both the hardships and beauty of solitude. While many of us were at home and forced to communicate with our loved ones virtually, the symbolism of a lone tulip, meaning deep and perfect love, reinforced the contrasting emotions of long-distance love.

During this time work stopped for both Botanica Bird and Get Rosy, so it gave them both a chance to explore their creative ideas together they didn’t normally have the capacity for.

The Muse focused on the colour combination of pinks and yellows together as they are warm and inviting colours, reminding us of the comforts of home. These colours are so close on the colour wheel that they clash, bringing about the feelings of uncertainty that was mentioned earlier.

Get Rosy’s photographic style usually involves experimentation with movement and street style shoots. For The Muse she played with the reflections of mirrors and the natural lighting entering the Botanica Bird studio. She also played around with shooting through sheer fabrics to create different perspectives. It was a matter of trial and error, but the end result is truly eye-catching and awe-inspiring.

Canvas Print in a Raw Oak Frame
120 x 80cm
Limited edition of 4 prints.
Printed on order
Allow 2-4 weeks for shipping.