Mother's Day Gift Set

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Mother's Day Gift Set

What do us Mother's want? A TIME OUT!

When do we want it? YESTERDAY! Ha!

But seriously... time to give Mum a time out. Let her snuggle up in her favourite chair with Botanica Bird blooms by her side, Swell magazine in hand and give her space to savour Wonderland Kitchen's Berry Bloom chocolate.

Pick your Mother's Day bouquet of choice; The Dreamer, The Rebel or The Nurturer and we will accompany our blooms with Newcastle's publication, Swell & a local handcrafted white berry chocolate by Wonderland Kitchen.

Flowers delivered wrapped in grey kraft paper, bound with raffia paper and wet wrapped in a compostable sleeve.

NOTE: Flower varieties will change depending on seasons and availability with local growers. Due to the perishable nature of flowers, the lifespan varies from bloom to bloom. The flowers pictured are for reference only. 

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