BB Flower Varieties Gift Certificate

Type: Gift Cards

BB Flower Varieties Gift Certificates are a perfect gift for a special someone based in Newcastle. The Gift Certificate is issued via email and you can send to them to redeem when they are ready to have a bespoke flower arrangement brighten up their world. Gift Certificates are valid 3 years from purchase and can be easily redeemed from 2 February 2022.

Our best work comes from those serendipity moments when we experiment with colour combinations, clash textures and fuse unique flower varieties together. Come on the journey with us and trust us to send a bespoke flower arrangement on your behalf that will be sure to startle and will leave the recipient's jaw on the floor.

2 Flower Varieties $101.00

3 Flower Varieties $146.00

4 Flower Varieties $175.00

5 Flower Varieties $216.00

#bbirdsurprise to view our past bunches

Wrapped in grey kraft paper, bound with Australian cotton rope and wet wrapped in a compostable sleeve

Prefer to send a gift voucher for a set dollar value starting at $50, select a Botanica Bird Gift Certificate instead.