Hunter Candles


Hunter Candles is an inviting brand that offers unique olfactory experiences through their collection of candles. From their modest beginnings in a backyard in Newtown, they have now become an inner west institution that serves quality candles to uplift one's spirits and transform their mood.

The brand's collection of candles draws inspiration from different aspects of consciousness, resulting in unique and evocative scents. Whether customers want to soothe their soul, revitalize their senses, or create an atmosphere of desire, Hunter Candles has a scent for every mood and occasion.

Hunter Candles believes that a perfect candle can ignite a memory, and they are passionate about creating an olfactory experience that leaves their customers feeling amazing. Each candle is hand-poured with love and care, using only the finest quality ingredients to ensure a long-lasting and clean burn.

The brand's scents are inspired by memories, muses, and moments in time, making them deeply personal and meaningful. Hunter Candles is committed to sharing their stories through their unique collection of candles, each telling a story that invites their customers to create their own memories.

Joining the Hunter Candles community means experiencing the power of olfactory storytelling, as their candles are an invitation to connect with the world and create meaningful memories. Their unique and considered scents serve as more than just a product, but an opportunity to light up one's life with a beautiful, inviting atmosphere.