Dark Chocolate Lemon Myrtle (Vegan) by Melbourne Bushfoods


WARNING: You won't stop after one bite.

Lemon Myrtle Dark Chocolate (Vegan) by Melbourne Bushfoods

Finely milled Lemon Myrtle blended with Ecuadorian 71% dark chocolate for a delicate, floral flavour and a loud citrus finish. This chocolate is vegan.

Plastic Free Packaging – inner ‘plastic’ is made using biodegradable film derived from corn.

Taste a true celebration of Australia. Made in Melbourne, by hand, in small batches.

Uses of Ethical + Sustainable Chocolate

Quality chocolate is what we're about. From the cultivation of the cocoa beans to the production of the chocolate - we ensure a premium product. Our chocolate base is crafted in Belgium by some of Europe's most skilled chocolatiers. We use suppliers that hold sustainability at their core, ensuring that: 

  • There is no use of Child 
  • Labour Minimum salary conditions are met
  • A limited/controlled use of hazardous materials
  • Sustainable agricultural practices are used


71% Lemon Myrtle Vegan dark Chocolate

Ingredients: Cocoa Mass, Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Lemon Myrtle powder (min 2%), natural vanilla flavouring. (75g)