At the Artisan’s Table


Throughout history, the intersection of practicality and creative design has been embodied in tabletop adornments. In "At the Artisan's Table," event producers and designers David Stark and Jane Schulak bring together historical tableware from top design museums around the world with contemporary pieces created by artisans from various countries, who reinterpret traditional crafts and styles such as Aptware (marbled clay), blue and white Delft, chinoiserie, faux bois, plaster, splatterware, and trompe l'oeil.

Each chapter in the book highlights a muse from a museum piece, the studio and work of the artist who has reimagined the traditional craft, and exquisite table settings designed by Schulak and Stark. These settings incorporate the artist's handcrafted pieces and provide inspiration to anyone who wants to impress their dinner guests.