A Kind of Magic


The "whimsical" and "eclectic" style of young English artist Luke Edward Hall is showcased in a flamboyant and nostalgic volume. This book offers a glimpse into Hall's creative world through his Cotswolds cottage and studio, as well as his London apartment. Divided into three sections, the book features photographs by Hall's friend and collaborator Billal Taright. It also showcases Hall's artwork and short essays on his passions, including cooking, fashion, flowers, and gardens.

The volume draws on Hall's many influences, including local mythology, folklore, 1980s pop music, and all things Baroque. The book also includes vintage photographs and drawings of notable personalities and locations, as well as collage-style collections of Hall's own memorabilia. Fans of Hall's work, as well as art and design enthusiasts, will find much to admire in this book. It provides an enchanting look at the creative universe of Luke Edward Hall.